“Remade Group’s objective is simple: to control the entire value chain
of the second life market for high-tech products.”

Matthieu Millet, President and Founder of Remade Group

Industrial company specialized in electronic devices remanufacturing under the brand “Remade”, RemadeGroup also use its technical know-how to serve to a variety of customers (insurers, manufacturers, distributors, e-merchants, etc.) with a range of services, logistic and repairs solutions, under and out of warranty.

% of total revenue is invested in Research & Development
Innovation at the heart of our approach
highly skilled professionals
that guarantee quality and performance
years of growth and creation
structuring a new market

Pride of history

born on our Norman lands

Since 2013, Remade Group has had a rich history of challenges and innovations. From inception, men and women are shaping the Group’s future by developing an industry that is unique to the world and has chosen sustainability as the heart of its actions. More than a project or an ambition, it is our social responsibility and our vision of progress that guide all our actions.

Historically established in Normandy, Remade Group invests heavily in Research & Development and now employs more than 700 people around ten sites to maintain its excellence.

Proud of its roots but also of its international expansion, Remade Group wishes to become an industrial player as useful as it is essential for people and the planet.

The expertise of a group.

Human talent

Industrial innovation

With its unique facilities, Remade Group is remanufacturing iPhone models with the promise of unrivalled aesthetic quality and performance.

Local expertise

Remade Group creates jobs and skills in its markets (Europe, Africa, United States, Asia) offering a product based on local know-how that reassures and engages consumers.

Sustainable development

Remade Group imposes strict refurbishment guidelines that save tens of thousands of tons of CO2eq emissions, preserve scarce resources, ensure product traceability, and safety for the planet and customers.

Industrial performance

With an investment in R&D that allows constant innovation and by working to offset labor cost. Remade Group defends a relevant economic model for a sustainable industry.

An international


with local roots

Remade products are available throughout Europe and Asia.
Americas and Africa will be the next priority target.